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I’ve written articles related to music “Breaking waves” and “Resonance”, this time about the nice movie with sound.

Umi Yama Aida ~In Between Mountains and Oceans~

Ise shrine Illustrated as the hometown of Japanese people. I have visited several times, the clear air and rich forest, and Shinto shrines quietly standing. Although spontaneous and spine muscles become pins and devout feelings rise up, there is also a sense of security that wraps somewhere gently. Previously, I had the opportunity to talk with the chief priest of Ise Shrine, it was very impressive he explained that “Japanese god is a feeling like grandma”. Perhaps that’s why there is a feeling nostalgia and security somewhere like Grandma’s house in Ise Jingu.

Also, I was just convinced why Ise Shrine is not a world heritage. It is not “heritage”, it is still alive now, and it is always the same. It is because a place of “eternity”. A “matsuri” is held everyday, and the shrine has been rebuilt in the annual shrine in 20 years. Eternal place where life will last is Ise Jingu. Although “circulation” comes out as a keyword of this movie, I thought again that it is a place expressing “circulation” in various aspects.

Well, 12 people have appeared in this movie, and they are talking about Ise Jingu, Japanese forest, and nature.

– Mr. Shinnyo Kawai: Shinto priest of Ise Shrine
– Mr. Kengo Kuma: Internationally-acclaimed architect
– Mr. Mitsuo Ogawa: Master Carpenter of Ise Shrine
– Mr. Takeshi Kitano: Filmmaker
– Mr. Katsuhiko Kurata: Superintendent of Ise Forest
– Mr. Soju Ikeda: Owner, Kiso Timber Company
– Mr. Genmyo Ohno: 129th Chief Abbot of Horyuji Temple
– Mr. Masaru Tanaka: Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University
– Mr. Tsutomu Ohashi: Neuroscientist who discovered the “hypersonic effect”
– Mr. Shigeatsu Hatakeyama: Operates an oyster fishery at Kesen-numa
– Mr. Akira Miyawaki: Professor Emeritus
– Mr. Yoshihiro Narisawa: Chef


– “I” and “ne” of “the root of life” became clogged and became “Ine (rice)”
– “Make that tree as alive as it is alive” That gives back to the trees
– Raising a rich forest for the Shikinen-sengu (construction of a new shrine and transfer of the enshrined object from the old to the new) in 200 years
– The lost forest of the guardian. Forest is life, the foundation of survival
– It’s time to think about the time of 1000 years
– The tree’s life has revived as a building, the oldest wooden building in the world, Horyuji Temple
– Ise forest where there are a lot of super-high frequency such as African rainforest
– Ise shrine created in the place where nature designed
– Put an ax in the root and wish for a connection of life
– The richness of the mind feels beautiful, the sound that can not be heard from the ear
– Relationship of love each other, the grove of the village shrine and the ocean of the village shrine
– Living life, living with the forest

This is how impressive every episode is, as there are a lot of words to mind from the gurus of the various worlds. Mr. Ohashi, a brain scientist in particular, Mr. Ikeda who runs a timber company remains in my heart the most.

Mr. Ohashi tells us that the superfrequency is not the ears or the eardrum, but the area that we feel in “the surface of the body”. The orchestra of the forest is created by the sound of the trees, the sounds blowing through the wind, the sounds of the waterfalls and rivers, the sounds of birds’ singing and the insects, the sounds of superhigh frequencies that can not be heard sound of lively.

Mr. Ikeda of Kiso’s woodcutter who pays cypress to Ise Jingu over hundreds of years, expresses that the tree “sleeps and cries”. It seems that Kiso is not to “knock down trees” but expresses “sleep trees”. When the tree collapses “they are crying”. When the ax enters the core of the tree, the last ax enters, it will be like “screaming” and falling down. The situation at this time was included in the movie and I also thought “Oh, I really cried!”.

There are scenes in the movie where the lumbers sing Kiso’s wood song in the forest, its appearance is cool!

And, since the photographer Mr. Masaaki Miyazawa’s photograph is really wonderful and it is filmed with 4K of high resolution, the presence and the beauty of the image are outstanding. By the way I was able to watch it in a movie theater where there are only three speakers in Japan, so I enjoyed the picture and sound in the best environment. (Kagura cinema)

…The forest, the mountains, the sea, snuggling naturally, listening eyes, knowing the people who are living together, it is a gem movie that made me want to see this world with a polite gaze with a wider perspective.

Whether it is a concert or this movie, recently many blogs related to sound continued to be conscious of hearing, because the information from the ear seems to have greater influence on the brain as I heard it, I think I should turn my consciousness into “listening” more.

Umi Yama Aida ~In Between Mountains and Oceans~

It is already selling on Blu-ray and DVD, and they are also screening independent movies at various places, and those who are not in the vicinity are also accepting consultation of the screening, so if you are interested.

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