You See A and I See B

This world where we live is always neutral.
Nature, animals, plants and human beings as well. Just the way they are, just being.

And, the world what I see is only real and it is only one thing, and I believe that the other people see the same as I see. However, there are as many worlds as people. It’s all different.

It is fun to feel empathy for “same”, but also it is rich experiences to know the “differences”.

I see the world that it is A, and how do you see it? Wow, you see so, interesting!

Knowing other people’s world broadens your world.  I would like to make this blog will give something positive in your life by sharing “differences”.

You See A and I See B.

Written by youseeaandiseeb
東京在住のグラフィック&デジタルデザイナー。 ものづくり、文化芸術、旅、そしてたまに宇宙についてのブログです。 私の視点を通して、この豊かな世界を紹介していきたいと思います。英語でも書いてます。