Voice of bell-ringing cricket

I introduced Umi Yama Aida ~In Between Mountains and Oceans~ last blog. I also touched about in the forest of Ise, there is an area of ​​super high frequency as much as African rainforest, and it is closer to experiencing “feeling” rather than “listening”, Mr. Ohashi of the brain scientist taught.

I do not hear it, but there are sounds, today is about what I remembered when thinking about such a thing.

It is not a super-high frequency of Ise, but when I was walking the way with my friend in the past. My friend said suddenly, “There is a rat extermator over there.” Huh? She told me there are machines emitting ultrasonic waves to exterminate rats and that sound is heard for her. Although I can not hear it at all, she seems to be able to hear well, so it seems that there are many places where it is installed.

I thought that my ears are a nice, but I wonder if it is a different range there. Even if I listened carefully, I could not hear the ultrasound.

Then you can not hear the sounds that you hear commonly by others. For example, voice of bell-ringing cricket.

I think that many people are experiencing when bell-ringing crickets begin to sing from the end of the summer to the fall, feeling emotion in the end of the summer and the start of autumn, listening to the sound of bell-ringing crickets, but apparently it seems to be unique to the Japanese.

For Japanese, this bell-ringing crickets sounds as comfortable as ears, but for Westerners, for example, there are people who can hear it as noise. I thought that it is a difference in culture and customs, it seems to be a difference in how to catch the brain.

The Japanese accepts the sounds of bell-ringing crickets in the language brain (performs intellectual processing such as understanding of human voice, etc.), and Westerners take it in the music brain (handle music, mechanical sounds, noise). So, Japanese seems to be listening to the sounds of bell-ringing crickets as “insect’s voice”.

The insects are chatting, apparently the conversation seems to be unique to Japan. There is a song “Voices of Insects” in nursery rhymes with lovely lyrics in Japan, but it seems that some people do not hear so, it is quite interesting to know that.

In the field of hearing, I also noticed that people perceive different ways of thinking, and then I realized there is a world I do not know about. Although I can not experience it, apparently there seems to be such a world, imagining such a thing also makes my vision widen and I also enjoy it.


The world that you can hear, the world you can not hear, what do you think?


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