The Land of Smiles

Today is about the big news in the world which is about the case where the 12 boys of the football team and the coach in the cave in northern Thailand that was submerged were confined and it was rescued about two weeks later. I would like to introduce about their experiences in the cave and after discharge.

It is a story that I heard from the person who went to Chiang Mai in Thailand when they were rescued.
That person is close to Thai Buddhist officials, and he was told that they were meditating with the teaching of the coach when they were in the cave. The coach had been proceeding to meditate the boys as he had experience as a priest for a decade, so that they could not consume their physical strength and to settle their hearts.

And the boys were hospitalized once rescued from the cave, after discharge they enter Buddhist monastery. It is a tradition against Thai men who experienced difficulties. It is said that at the monastery, they spend nine days meditating, praying, cleaning.

When I heard this story, I admired that the country makes Buddhism more familiar and uses it in their daily lives.

Also, when they were found in the cave they were smiling, so it was said that the figures were very impressive, the British diver who first discovered said. The national character of Thailand? The effect of meditation? Because it was a friend team like my family? I think about various reasons, I think the existence of the coach was great. I guess the guidance of meditation, and he gave all snacks to the boys even though it was little. I think that his attitude was transmitted to children, and it became one factor that everyone wanted to try hard without disturbing.

At a news conference after discharge, one of the boys said that “this experience can make me stronger than before.” It is a supple and gentle impression on the surface, but I feel the strength of the core.

By this news I remembered one thing that Japanese after the opening of the country remained strong in the impression of the Westerners who visited Japan, that everyone was smiling and looking very happy. I thought there seems to be many learnings from the event in Thailand, from Japan once.

Here are some news movies.

Boys rescuing from a cave in Thailand, apprentices to priests along shaved their heads

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The chance was “smell” British divers discovering boys in a Thai cave

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