Yukata should wear casually

It is the continuation of the last “What kind of dream is Yumeji‘s dream?

I introduce the impressive contents from the book “Takehisa Yume bi-art book collection” that summarizes Yumeji’s poems and essays, related to the exhibition “Takehisa Yumeji: Master of Japanese Modern Illustration” held at Tokyo Station Gallery until 7/1.

Last time I was talking about poetry, today I pick up “Yukata should wear casually” from the essay.

Many women appear in Yumeji’s paintings, most of them are wearing kimonos and yukata. As expressed in organic lines, the suppleness of kimono and the curvaceous beauty of the women imagined from it are very impressive, Yumeji seems to have been committed about dressing.

*I translated.

Yukata should wear casually

Yukata is not a thing to wear in a thoroughly manner, there is a taste of yukata often washing on the skin directly to the bare skin, color was also more interesting as it washes when washed, but at the moment there are few people wearing yukata as a yukata. It is epidemic to imitate the superior item in an uncanny manner.


The good yukata appearance is for middle-aged women. It is probably because the yukata can not be dressed well enough (coolly) for young women.


I think that Yukata is more beautiful if they wear a sophisticated appearance in a casual way.

(“Sunday Mainich” 4-30, July 14, Taisho 14)

I am learning about how to wear Kimono, many of the teachers do not wear Yukata. Because yukata is originally a pajamas, there are not many ways to wear it outside, and many teachers wear summer kimonos in the summer. I did not know well about the Yutaka thing until I learned dressing. I really see the teacher’s story and Yumeji’s essay, yes, I see.

Apparently Yukata is not special for summer outing, it is not a thing to wear with neatly, the one who is wearing neatly is pretty bad, and if you wear a yukata, the one who wears casually is beautiful in reverse. Indeed, I learn. Certainly, if you imagine a woman wearing a yukata comfortably, looking at outside in a dreamy way using a portable fan, I feel the taste with the emotion of summer emphasized.

Yumeji who knows the beauty of Japanese women exactly and is familiar with the technique of drawing out it. It is also fun to be surprised by the observation eye and at the same time to learn about the process of creating a world of Yumeji’s paintings and the ideas behind it. It is a wonderful book with lots of things to learn about Japanese culture and the beauty of women.

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