Playful imagination of brands – Swedish –

I have a lot of opportunities to work with Swedish companies or organizations, so I earn about Sweden. Especially as a designer, I pay attention to the high design quality. Last time I introduced the Swedish coffee brand “Lemmel Kaffe“, so I will introduce two Swedish brands today.

The first is craft beer brand “Ominippollo“. Coffee is also a representative beverage in Sweden and Northern Europe, but craft beer is also delicious. Omnippollo was established in 2011, it was chosen Rate Beer Top 100 Brewery in The World. While this brand of vision is “to overturn the image of people’s beer from the bottom”, its label design is super cool as well as its taste. Their message that they want “experiences” rather than “drinking” is spreading in more than 20 countries, including Sweden, Europe, North America, Australia, along with their worldview.

And the second is Socks and underwear brand “Happy Socks“. It was established in 2008, they sell over 90 countries now. Its charm is the high design ability. As their vision “We want to combine colorful design with high quality, creativity and craftsmanship for items indispensable for everyday life, and to overflow happy feelings”, they are colorful and there are many kinds, the products make me always happy 🙂

It is also the case with the previous Lenmmel Kaffe, and also these two brands, the fact that the creators are enjoying is fully transmitted. And I think that the result naturally leads to making people feel happy and fun.

Love making things and creators are enjoying more than anything, sense of humor, share the happy feelings, constitute a world view… I think that the common point that leads a small brand to success is in such a points.


Happy Socks

*Today’s main image is label design of Omnipollo

Written by youseeaandiseeb
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